Serving Our Community’s Legal Needs For Over 70 Years

Serving Our Neighbors With Compassionate, Confidential Legal Representation

At De Koster & De Koster, our attorneys have assisted generations of Hull families with their legal needs. They have lived and worked in the community and have always been dedicated to serving the legal needs of their neighbors in Hull and the surrounding counties. Our firm was founded in 1952 by Lucas J. De Koster; John and Philip De Koster are the second and third generations of attorneys carrying on his legacy of service.

How Can We Help You?

Whether you are planning your estate, dealing with a child who is navigating the juvenile justice system, starting a business or buying a home, our lawyers are here to take care of the legal details for these and other situations. Contact us for assistance with any of the following:

Adoptions: We are proud to help people grow their families. Whether a family or individual is considering a private or agency adoption, our team will diligently walk them through the steps of the adoption process.

Assisted reproductive technology (ART) law: Our lawyers draft contracts to help create families using a gestational carrier. After a child is born, our team works with the parties and the state of Iowa to ensure that the child’s birth certificate properly reflects their parentage.

Agribusiness: Our attorneys represent farm businesses in all manner of their operations. They negotiate and draft leases, help navigate complex government programs, and draft contract and easements to enhance business operations.

Business and corporate law: Our lawyers advise clients regarding the creation and maintenance of entities, such as corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs). When starting a business, there are many considerations. As our attorneys are small business owners themselves, they are especially equipped to help clients get started with the right plans in place.

Estate planning: Our lawyers assist clients in creating estate plans that allow them to transfer their wealth to the individuals or organizations that match their desires. Documents such as wills, trusts, and powers of attorney implement the plan. At De Koster & De Koster, our attorneys also advise clients about structuring their estates to minimize or avoid federal and state taxes. They help create succession plans for small businesses and farming operations that allow loved ones or trusted partners to continue the businesses for years to come.

Estate and trust administration: After a loved one has died, our lawyers provide comprehensive estate and trust administration services. They assist in every step of the process, including items not typically part of a standard estate. They work with our clients to discover assets, transfer them to the beneficiaries, and complete all of the obligations required by law.

Juvenile law: Our attorneys represent children who are accused of committing delinquent acts and work to help them navigate the justice system. They also assist children who have become involved with the Department of Health and Human Services as a result of action or inaction by their parents. In both cases, our team provides caring counsel to the children and works to help families heal.

Litigation and trial law: Our lawyers handle contested cases and work to bring our clients successful resolutions, whether through trials or settlements. They employ a team approach, often consulting with other highly regarded firms in the state to bring the best result for our clients.

Municipal law: Our attorneys represent the city of Hull and the city of Boyden. At De Koster & De Koster, they provide advice to city employees and counsel with contracts, real estate acquisitions and policy matters.

Real estate law: Our clients trust our team to handle real estate transfers ranging from a house in town to hundreds of acres of farm land. Our lawyers also represent clients in tax-deferred exchanges of land and serve as the intermediaries for these transactions. They work to ensure prompt turnarounds for real estate transactions to keep the closings on schedule. They also assist with new developments, including preparing covenants and title opinions for plats.

Taxation law: Our attorneys prepare tax returns for individuals, farming operations and small businesses. They counsel clients in matters of tax planning and assist with disputes before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They also have experience reconstructing financial records to prepare tax returns for past years.

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